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About flax

As far as one can remember, flax has been considered as a high-quality fibre used for the manufacturing of clothing, home fabrics and furniture fabrics amongst other applications. Only from the 19th century onwards has this fibre been replaced by cotton.
Linen is the only vegetal fibre grown in Western Europe, from Normandy in France, through Belgium and all the way to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. European linen cannot be grown elsewhere because only in this region can one find the perfect balance between humidity, low thermic density, rich soils and competent linen farmers.

A high-quality fibre

The natural quality of flax, the fibre extracted from linen, produces hypoallergic, insulating fabric, which acts as a thermic regulator. It keeps warm in winter and breathes in summer.
Flax is resistant to light and water and can be applied in humid conditions and outdoor. Flax can be mixed with other fibres (wool, cotton, viscose, etc.) to produce graphic effects and translucency.


Scutched flax


Combed flax


Rescutched tow

2 to 6 yarn counts

Carded sliver and combed flax sliver

They can be mixed with other fibres such as wool, cotton, viscose, etc.  



Selection of raw materials

We select the best flax fibres from producers in France, Belgium and Holland. Their expertise and local knowledge guarantees optimum quality, year after year.
In close collaboration, we follow the evolution of the crops and different transformation steps of the raw material in order to offer you the best quality.

International trading

Bel-Land has a long experience in international trading and numerous reliable partners and suppliers.
This enables us to offer the best terms and conditions and to respond to all your needs.

Storage facilities

In to respond to all orders in real time, Bel-Land has storage facilities in Europe and China.
This enables us to supply our customers year round with the flax quality of their choice.
For you, it’s the guarantee to have a constant supply at the best rates.

Worldwide shipping

Bel-Land exports flax fibres worldwide even though the bulk of the exports go to spinning factories in China.
Our expert teams in Europe and China handle all logistics and customs formalities for a seamless, on-time delivery.


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About Bel-Land

Peter Jianpeng Xiao started working in the flax industry in 2002. In  2006, he founded Bel-land Trading Co and imports various goods from China in Europe. From 2008 onwards, Bel-Land concentrates its activity in the flax industry and rapidly gains shares in the market thanks to excellent relations with producers and clients. The company is based in Belgium and the textile centre of China, which stretches over more than 500 km around Shanghai, as well as in the north, the south and in Hong Kong.

Bel-Land has a vast experience in trading and export and has large stocks in several warehouses in Europe and China.

All our Chinese and European staff come from the trading, logistics and spinning sectors and put their knowledge at your service.




Marcelline Vermeulen
Logistics manager

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